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                深圳中鐵二局工程有限公司是中國中鐵最早進入深圳特區的企業。三十多年來,公司始終堅持“勇于跨越,追求卓越”的企業精神和開路先鋒文 化,銳意進取,開拓創新,在超高層建筑和地鐵車輛段領域取得了卓越成就,與深圳特區共成長、同進步。謹此,我們向長期以來關心、支持和 幫助公司發展的各級領導、廣大客戶及社會各界朋友,表示衷心的感謝和崇高的敬意。

                在市場拓展上,公司在北京、四川、福建、海南、貴州、廣東、山東、陜西、西藏等地區承建了320項(截止2017年11月)房建、城軌、市政、鐵路、公路等工程項目,兩度躋身 “中國中鐵二十強”,多次獲得“深圳市先進集體”等榮譽。

                在核心競爭力培育上,公司承擔了深圳第一家五星級酒店——南海酒店的建設,參建的深圳北站、深圳雅園立交橋等工程多次榮獲中國建筑工程 魯班獎、詹天佑獎,承建的廣州、深圳、東莞、南寧地鐵的蘿崗、鎮龍等8個車輛段倍受業主稱贊,形成了以高層建筑和地鐵車輛段為主的核心 競爭力。

                公司依托央企優勢,不忘初心、砥礪前行,按照中國中鐵、中鐵二局全面深化改革的工作要求,大力推動標準化、精細化建設,把為客戶提供優 質產品與服務作為極致追求,努力實現做專、做精、做優、做強的目標。



                Shenzhen Chinese railway 2nd Bureau Engineering Co., Ltd. is the earliest enterprise of China Railway to enter Shenzhen Special Economic Zone. Over the past thirty years, the company always adhere to the enterprise spirit of "courage to leap, the pursuit of excellence" and the trailbreaker culture, forge ahead, pioneering and innovative. Remarkable achievements have been made in the fields of super high-rise buildings and metro vehicles. The company is growing and advancing with the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone. In this respect, we express our sincere gratitude and high respect to leaders of all levels, customers and friends from all walks of life who have long been concerned, supported and helped the development of the company.

                In the market expansion, the company in Beijing, Sichuan, Fujian, Hainan, Guizhou, Guangdong, Shandong, Shanxi, Tibet and other areas to build hundreds of housing construction, urban rail, municipal, railway, highway and other engineering projects. The company has twice entered the "China Railway the best twenty", won the "Shenzhen advanced collectives" and other honors so many times.

                On the cultivation of core competence, the company has undertaken the construction of the first five-star hotel, the South China Sea Hotel in Shenzhen. The Construction of the Shenzhen North Station and Shenzhen Graceland overpass was awarded the Chinese architectural engineering Luban prize, the Zhan Tianyou prize. The construction of Luogang, Zhenlong and other 8 Depots in Guangzhou subway, Shenzhen subway, Dongguan subway and Nanjing subway all get praised by the owners, formed the core competitiveness to high-rise buildings and the Metro depot. The core competitiveness of high-rise building and subway depot is formed.

                Company relies on the advantages of central enterprises, do not forget the beginner's mind, temper forward, deepening the reform in accordance with the work requirements of the Chinese railway, Chinese Railway 2nd bureau, to vigorously promote the standardization and refinement of construction, to provide quality products and services for customers as the ultimate pursuit, and strive to achieve the targets of being professional, being detailed, being good and being powerful.

                Chinese Railway 2nd bureau is pursuing dreams in Shenzhen.

                Zhenzhen Chinese Railway 2nd bureau is daring to be the pioneer in Shenzhen.



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